Fitness should be fun and convenient

If you aren't enjoying exercising, you're doing it wrong!

In order to be fit, you need to be consistent. That's not going to happen unless you find a fitness regimen you actually enjoy.

I'm here to help you find your fitness groove. 

If you live in Western Pennsylvania (Lawrence, Butler, Beaver or Allegheny counties), I have options for you! 

Push Up

Making Fitness Fun Again

I strive to make fitness more convenient and a lot more fun. I bring fitness services to you, at your preferred location, at your convenience.

Proudly serving communities for over 20 years, I provide a holistic approach that encompasses physical, mental and nutritional strategies to promote and nurture optimal health to people of all ages and fitness levels.


Mobile Fitness Motivates

Workout where you want

Most people workout to lose weight and feel more energetic, others aspire to have more mobility and simply feel better.

Whatever your reasons are, in order to see improvement, your workouts should be:

  • consistent, convenient and enjoyable

  • productive and specific so you will  reach your goals. Efficient = effective

  • motivational and encouraging so you continue the habit

Let me help you enjoy your workouts by taking your fitness routine outside the proverbial fitness box.

Whether you are looking for private, one-on-one personal training or community group fitness classes, you now have options.

Workout your way where you want.



Look no further. If you are searching for an energetic Fitness Instructor to teach group exercise classes in a unique setting (school, church, nursing home, park or anywhere else!), I have mobile fitness services to suit your busy schedule and specific fitness needs.


What can I do for you?

Ask away. I'm happy to help!


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