Here's What People Are Saying


Thank you for kicking my butt and encouraging me to work harder then I even would have on my own. I appreciate the effort you put into making my workouts different whenever I got bored and for being so open to input and suggestions. I learnt more new exercises from you in a few months then I’ve learned in the last few years.

Alla G. 24

Nathalie has taken personal care and attention to take care of not only my exercise regime, but also my diet and overall health. She is very motivating and it is clear that she really cares for my overall wellness. Her website is extremely useful and I use it a lot to get regular online advice and communicate with her about my daily routines. Overall, I would strongly recommend Nathalie as a personal trainer to anyone!

Deepak P. 27

I am a full-time working mom who had two babies in less than two years. To add to that stress, my second pregnancy came with a list of complications, which kept me just short of being on bed rest. This led to me getting incredibly out of shape, gaining a lot of weight, and ultimately getting into a mental slump. I wanted to get myself healthy but was having a hard time finding the motivation to do it. I couldn't be luckier to have met Nathalie at the time that I did. What Nathalie did for me was far beyond teaching me the technical skills of exercise. She was and continues to be a true mentor for healthy living. She makes you work hard without you even knowing that you are working hard and she has a unique way of making you feel good about yourself just for putting forth the effort. Her spirit, energy, and genuine heart are what keep me going back to her. In four months I have got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and have set new goals and challenges for myself. I know that I would have never made it this far in my fitness and overall health had it not been for her and I look forward to her guiding me to the next level.

Kim M. 34

Nathalie Kuffer has been my (a 40ish home schooling-mother of three teenagers) personal trainer for the past two years.  Her cardio and strength training has enabled me to successfully handle the enormous stress of a major personal crisis this past six months.  My confidence in Nathalie's professional services have been confirmed to me by several sources:  1) my chiropractor was so impressed with Nathalie after their consultation of my therapy and review of my exercise program, he said "she is the exceptional trainer.", 2) my nutritionist validated the eating program Nathalie had recommended for me and 3) while reading fitness magazines, I saw exercises, training aides and programs which Nathalie has me follow. Nathalie is definitely worth the time and money!  Your physical and mental health is worth it!

Tami N. 46

Nathalie has demonstrated a great degree of enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication in the arena of personal fitness training

Fraser B. 33

Nathalie is thorough and knowledgeable.

Spring C, 28

Nathalie is extremely knowledgeable trainer that takes you past your own expectations. She brings you to your limit… and then just a little bit further.

Michael G.

Excellent trainer. Intense one on one workout!

Bruna G. 46

Nathalie is an excellent motivator, which is good because I’m lazy! She taught me a lot of different exercises and showed me the proper way to do it.

Caroline M. 22

I found Nathalie to be very motivating. She never let me quit. In all honesty, she made me feel good about myself.

Debbie W. 23

Nathalie’s program and her personal attention have been terrific. I have lost body fat and inches and gained more self-confidence.

Kaye M. 63

Nathalie never gives up in her quest to make a grueling workout a good time. She is always in a good mood and ready to put you in shape. Always a hard workout, but always an enjoyable one.

Despina T. 53

On a scale from one to ten, Nathalie scores an eleven!

Janet H. 49

Nathalie is an excellent personal trainer and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Janice D 44

I have worked with Nathalie as both my trainer and together on a fitness committee.  She has always remained the utmost professional in all areas.  Yet, she remains very approachable.

Dori R. 46

I first met Nathalie when I signed up for her Pilates Class. I was so impressed with her teaching methods and education on fitness and nutrition. Nathalie makes exercise fun and she is a very motivating individual. I highly recommend Nathalie to anyone who would like to get started on a healthy lifestyle.

Sharon B. 60 

I approached Nathalie as a 'clueless consumer'. I wanted to start some type of exercise program but I didn't know where to start. Not only was Nathalie able to set up a program for me but she did it in such a way that I was comfortable and didn't feel pressured. I was surprised how fast I started seeing results. Thanks Nat!

Casey B. 33 

Nathalie is simply great! I used to workout on my own but was not seeing good results. Nathalie developed a custom exercise program for me. I have already started seeing development in major muscle groups. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to get in shape.

Ajit P. 34

Nathalie is great! She is very motivating and encouraging. She created a workout for me to help me get in shape for my upcoming wedding that is challenging and that I can do in the gym or at home....it fits my busy lifestyle.

Ann F. 33

The program that Nathalie developed for me worked wonders. I dropped 37 pounds and 5 inches from my waist in only 3 months! I am almost the same weight and shape that I was when I graduated High School! Not bad for a 40 year old, eh! Nat’s expertise in fitness and nutrition helped me not only change my life but also my life style. She taught me that it is important to eat healthy and to work healthy. I am not only lighter and thinner but I am also much more healthy and happy with myself! Her support and dedication and also her accessibility made Nathalie a great partner in this endeavor! Thanks a ton Nathalie and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Todd L. 40

I joined the Biggest Loser challenge at Eaton so I would be held accountable on a regular basis for my weight loss goal. Working with a personal trainer certainly integrated an element of variety and challenge to my exercise schedule. Nathalie provided an organized and customized plan for me that targeted my specific concerns. It was exciting to see the progress I was making towards my goal and I appreciated Natalie's advice, support and guidance.

Cindi R. 53

Nathalie has helped me to focus my energies on exercises that have impact.  Before I thought my cardio work was sufficient, now through her help I can see how to maximize my time while keeping my routines varied and interesting.  Her enthusiasm has renewed my drive to improve my body and have fun while I do it. 

Kelly N. 42

Nathalie was very easy to talk to. She re-enforced what I knew, but added to it. I now eat better, mix my cardio better and know more about lifting. I was also surprised to learn stretching and balance. I really enjoyed the experience.

Tom W. 56

I started working with Nathalie in early February (2008). Through the program that she designed for me and continues to update I have lost over 30 lbs and 5 inches on the waist (in 4 months). The convenience of Nathalie coming to our home on Saturday mornings, because I work out of town was great. I would recommend Nathalie’s services to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, or change the way they eat. Nathalie has the skill and knowledge to help you get to where you want to be!

Bob C. 54

Nathalie makes working out fun! She takes the time to get to know you and then helps you set attainable goals. She is always upbeat and ready to challenge you to do your best. Her workouts are varied, challenging, and fun! If you do what she tells you to do, you'll notice a difference in just a short period of time.

Gretchen P. 44

(Awww - geez guys. Thanks! I'm flattered!)